Alchemex – Business Intelligence. Simply.

Alchemex is a business intelligence suite that is produced by elev8. This suite comes with a number of modules that are required to provide effective Excel-based reporting for small to medium businesses.


  • Multiple Sources – The Alchemex Administrator Modules allows the incorporation of data from multiple sources into a single report.
  • Web Publishing – The Web Module that is part of the Alchemex suite allows users to access the report from any part of the world, which maintaining security levels.
  • Drill down – Dynamic Drill Down features can be incorporated into any report.
  • Filtering – Users can create personalised filters and parameters to ensure that they are provided with only the most relevant data when creating reports.


Pricing information can be obtained by filling in an enquiry form. Additional information and brochures can also be downloaded.


This is a very comprehensive business intelligence suite that would be especially suited to smaller businesses.

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