arcplan Enterprise – Beyond Traditional Reporting

arcplan Enterprise is a BI reporting and analytics application, just one of the many products developed and distributed by arcplan. A 30 day free trial edition of this application is provided.


  • Ad hoc reporting, analysis and dashboards – arcplan Enterprise constitutes a complete reporting and analysis solution. Dashboards and various reports can be created rapidly and efficiently.
  • User Groups and Interfaces - Administrators can set up specialised interfaces for particular user groups, so that employees have access to the information they need.
  • Import – Data can be supplied to arcplan Enterprise through the majority of standard data sources, including SAP, Oracle, IBM and Microsoft SQL.
  • Export – Reports and dashboards can be distributed online and exported in a range of file formats.
  • Integration – arcplan Enterprise integrates easily with existing IT infrastructure.


Those who are interested in purchasing arcplan Enterprise may avail of a free trial edition of this application, which can be downloaded here. Pricing information and other details can be supplied by the developers.


This product has been rated as the #13rd party tool for SAP BW, Oracle Essbase and IBM Cognos TM1. It is an industry leader with many prominent clients.

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