BI360 Reporting – Excel-based Reporting

BI360 Reporting is an Excel-based reporting tool that has been developed by Solver. In 2009, Solver were named as Microsoft’s Business Intelligence Partner of the Year.


  • Excel-based – BI360 functions with both Microsoft Excel 2007 and 2010.
  • Input – Reports can be opened as standard Microsoft Excel files through an intranet, a website, locally or on an ERP system. Data will be inputted automatically using the internet.
  • Drill down and Ad hoc – All reports can incorporate layers of data, which are displayed using drill down features. Ad hoc reporting is also enabled.
  • Parameters – The parameters and filters for each report are listed in the Excel taskbar. The same report format can be used in many different ways, simply by changing the parameters.


If you are interested in purchasing BI360 Reporting you must contact the developers, who will arrange a free trial. Further information can be found here.


BI360 is a good choice for those who are very comfortable with Excel. It also allows reports to be published as PDFs and to mobile phones.

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