Birst End-to-End BI Suite – Comprehensive BI Suite

Birst is a subscription-based BI service that offers a complete and comprehensive business intelligence suite. Ad hoc and managed reporting are included as part of the End-to-End BI Suite.

ad hoc


  • Ad hoc Reporting – Users can quickly input ad hoc queries and get instant results from the Birst reporting engine.
  • Interactive – Reports are interactive and include drill down features.
  • Alerts – The End-to-End Suite can be set to generate real time alerts and conditional formatting for reports.
  • Charts – There are a number of chart layouts to choose from including Heat Maps and Pyramids.
  • Automatic Report Creation – Birst can be set to generate reports automatically at scheduled times.
  • No Installation – There are no Java applets or other downloads/installations associated with this product.


Price quotes are calculated on a per user basis, but it is possible to sign up for a free trial of Birst End-to-End BI Suite. Further information can be found here.


The Birst End-to-End Suite is a comprehensive business intelligence tool which offers reporting, dashboarding, OLAP and more. It is cloud based, and offers full functionality over the internet.

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