Calumo – Business Intelligent

Calumo offer a range of business performance management solutions that are divided into a number of products. Their reporting and analysis package is designed for use by non programmers, who wish to create effective reports quickly and easily.


  • Ad hoc – Ad hoc reports can be created rapidly by non-IT professionals.
  • Rapid Installation – Depending on the size of your setup Calumo can be installed within a few hours.
  • Integration – Calumo integrates easily with a number of programs including MS Dynamics, Oracle, SAP and many more.
  • Rollout – The system can be rolled out quickly, with results becoming visible within 45 days.
  • Risk Analysis, Forecasting etc – Calumo has features that encompass almost all business intelligence and reporting requirements.


If you are interested in purchasing Calumo you are advised to contact the developers. Further information can be found here.


Calumo is especially suited to large businesses and organisations, who require a business intelligence application that can monitor and process their data streams.

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