Clarity 7 – Corporate Performance Management

Clarity 7 is a product of Clarity Systems, which has recently been acquired by IBM. It is a comprehensive business intelligence package, with Analysis, Forecasting, Modelling and other capabilities, including of course Reporting.


  • Optional Format – While a standard financial reporting layout is an option, you can also create reports as text files, Excel, PDF etc.
  • Report Bundling – Automated report generation and distribution allows users to preset report types and layouts, along with the distribution times and dates.
  • Data Security – Hierarchy features and other security elements means that access to reports is restricted, ensuring that only authorised users can view and export certain documents.
  • Distribution – Reports can be automatically emailed at a given date and time. Alternatively notifications can be sent out, informing users that reports are ready to be viewed or printed.


Those who are interested in acquiring Clarity 7 are advised to contact the developers here.


Clarity Systems is an established business intelligence software provider, who can list a number of high profile companies as clients and customers.

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