Codec – Corporate Decisions Reporting Solutions

Codec specialise in high quality business intelligence software of all kinds. Along with providing applications for financial analytics, customer relationship management etc., they also produce a sophisticated reporting application that generates high quality reports in a number of formats.


  • Automatic Reporting – The Codec reporting application can be set to generate reports at specific times and on specific dates.
  • Input – Multiple objects and data sources can be included in a single report.
  • Export – You can export your reports using a number of formats including HTML, PDF, email, etc.
  • Security – Access to your reports can be limited on a user by user basis, ensuring that each employee only has access to certain information.
  • Filter – Data in reports can be filtered using a ‘slice and dice’ process that allows you to view charts from different perspectives.


No pricing information is available on the Codec website, however contact details are provided here.


The reporting solutions offered by Codec are priced on a case by case basis, and are part of a much larger product structure. Those who are interested in availing of this software are advised to contact the producers directly.

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