Cognos Business Intelligence from IBM – Query and Reporting

IBM Cognos Business Intelligence is a division of IBM that is strictly dedicated towards designing business intelligence software. The current edition of Cognos BI offers a range of analytical and reporting features.

Query and Reporting


  • Query and Reporting:
  1. Drag and Drop – Create reports by dragging and dropping images and content such as RSS, HTML, Real-Time Monitoring etc.
  2. Share and Collaborate – You can work in teams and share reports using Lotus Connections.
  3. Templates – Reports can be created to incorporate standard layouts and widgets.
  4. Interactive – Reports are interactive, will drill down, calculation and analaysis features.

Other features available with this product but not strictly associated with reporting include:

  • Analysis
  • Dashboarding
  • Scorecarding
  • Real-time Monitoring
  • Staistics
  • Extending BI
  • Collaborative BI


You can purchase IBM Cognos Collaboration Authorized User Licence + SW System Subscription and Support 12 Months for $180.

This product is available at .


Cognos was originally an independent business intelligence software company, which was acquired by IBM. The acquisition seems to have been a positive one, and the BI division of IBM is now named Cognos. Purchasing this product brings you the IBM name, along with the specialisation of Cognos.

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