combit List and Label – 100% Reporting Power for Software Developers

combit List & Label is a desktop-based reporting solution that is designed to work with Microsoft Windows, and is especially suited for use with Microsoft Visual Studio. It has been available for 17 years, and is currently in its 16th edition.


  • Report Designer – List & Label features a highly developed and easy-to-use report designer which can create reports containing a selection of charts, images, barcodes, tables etc.
  • Export – Reports can be exported from the Designer in a number of formats, including PDF, RTF, Excel and XHTML.
  • Import – Data can be imported from all of the standard sources. These include SQL, Oracle, IBM DB2 along with other less common databases. XML data can also be featured, along with LINQ data and other sources that can be accessed through ADO, OLE DB or ODBC.


A Standard Single User licence for List & Label is priced at €729.90, when purchasing a direct download. A CD version is also available at a higher price. Full pricing information is available here.


This product has been given a number of high profile awards and the company has built up a very good reputation. Very few poor applications make it to their 16th edition, and List & Label has everything a business intelligence solution demands.

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