DBxtra – Stand Alone Reporting Software

DBxtra is a web-based reporting tool which provides a business intelligence approach to ad-hoc reporting in order to generate corporate reports. The DBxtra Reporting Suite includes a Report Designer, a Report Viewer and a Schedule Server.

Report - grouped


  • Import Data – Data can be imported into the Report Designer from all of the common sources, including SQL, Oracle, Excel, Pervasive and more.
  • Organisation – Reports can be stored as part of projects or folders.
  • Views – Data can be viewed in a range of grids, including Pivot and Data grids.
  • Embedding – DBxtra reports can be embedded into web pages.
  • Export – Reports can be emailed and exported to PDF, HTML, CSV, Word, XML and image files.


A Concurrent User Licences for 10 DBXtra Viewers can be purchased for $190, while a DBxtra Designer Licence costs $390. An unlimited Schedule Server License can also be acquired for $590. These licences can be purchased here.


While this is a solid product with many advantages, it is a little bit expensive and might therefore be mostly suited to larger businesses and organisations.

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