Dundas – Leaders in Advanced Data Visualisation

The Dundas Dashboard application generates rich and interactive data visualisation that can be used as reports, scorecards and additional business intelligence displays. It is built on the .NET and Silverlight platforms and includes a web-based designer.


  • Charts – There is a wide range of commonly used chart types to choose from when generating a report with Dundas. Options include Pareto charts, Stock charts, Range charts etc.
  • Maps – It is possible to include customisable geographic maps in your reports, and Dundas supports colour coding, legend integration and a range of projections.
  • Data Label Control – KPIs can be included on charts in a textual format, with auto alignment and string formatting features.
  • Designer – The Dundas report designer is web-based and makes use of drag and drop functions.


An evaluation edition of Dundas can be downloaded here. Further pricing information can be obtained by contacting the developers.


Dundas is a very well-established and respected business intelligence provider. The reports and dashboards generated with this application are rich in graphics, highly versatile and have extensive features.

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