Elixir Technology: Intelligence On Demand

Elixir Technology produces a range of business intelligence software, including the Repertoire Suite. This suite incorporates dashboard, ad-hoc reporting and other BI features, and is Java-based.


  • Export - Reports can be exported as HTML, encrypted PDF, Word through RTF, Excel, SVG and more.
  • Mobile Reporting - Reports that are reduced in size can be viewed on a mobile phone, which can include drill down features. These reports can be viewed in an XHTML browser.
  • Import – Data can be imported from a range of databases, including Excel, LDAP, XML, Object and all JDBC/ODCD compliant databases.
  • Rich reporting – Detailed set of reporting tools including dynamic boxes and external callback.


Those interested in purchasing Elixir Repertoire 8 must contact the producers directly in order to organise trials and discuss licensing details. Further information is available here.


Elixir Technology specialise in this brand of software, and Elixir Repertoire 8 is a well rounded suite which covers many of the main aspects of this type of business intelligence. The mobile reporting aspects of Elixir Reporting are also beneficial features.

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