Expensify – Expense Reports That Don’t Suck!

Expensify is a reporting application that is specifically designed for the creation of expense reports. It can be accessed through a mobile phone or online and generate monthly reports based on receipts.

create expense reports that don't suck with Expensify


  • Reports – Expense reports are generated based on receipts, which can be added, edited, deleted etc. are necessary
  • Input – Receipts can be entered to the system in a number of ways. They can be taken automatically from banking or credit card statements or emailed to Expensify in a number of file formats including JPG, PDF etc.
  • Mobile – Mobile apps of Expensify mean that users can keep track of their expenses at all times by photographing and emailing receipts.
  • Customisation – Reports can be customised and organised according to the user’s requirements. They can be filtered by field and allow for feedback and comments to be attached to each receipt.
  • Export – Reports can be exported as PDFs or attached to emails. They also allow for direct payment through Paypal.


Individual Users can avail of Expensify free of charge. Company accounts are charged at $5 per month per active user, while the first two employees to submit their expense reports will not be charged. Additional information is available here.

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