FastReport.Net – Reporting Must Be Fast!

FastReport.Net is a desktop-based reporting application that can be used in conjunction with Microsoft Visual Studio and Delphi Prizm.


  • Source Code – You can acquire the full source code of FastReport, which allows you to edit and customise your copy.
  • Data Input – You can connect to any database with FastReport and use it to generate a report.
  • Report Generation – The reports are generated using bands and subreports. There are also a number of elements to choose from, such as pictures, shapes, rich text, etc.
  • Export – Reports can be exported in multiple formats, including PDF, XLS, XML, CSV, GIF, JPG and more.


A Single User Licence for FastReport.Net Basic Edition can be purchased for $99, and includes a one year subscription. There are also three other editions to choose from, at a higher cost. Additional information can be found here.


FastReport.NET comes in four separate editions, offering a range of features suited to a number of applications. It is advisable to research the different editions before purchasing, as each edition is priced differently and has different capabilities.

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