I-net Crystal Clear: Reporting with Java

I-net Crystal Clear is a Java-based desktop application that can create ad-hoc reports and export them in a number of formats.


  • Ad-hoc Reporting – Create ad-hoc reports as part of an applet, embed them in other applications, or in HTML in your browser.
  • Cross-Platform – I-net Crystal Clear functions on any operating system that can run Java 5 or higher. Therefore it functions on Windows, Solaris, Unix, OSX 10.4+ and AIX.
  • Database Independence – As long as the database you are using has a ODBC driver or a JDBC driver you can run I-net Crystal Clear with them.
  • Drill down – You can click on items in your reports in order to obtain new information.
  • Export - You can export your I-net Crystal Clear reports as HTML, PDF, XML, RTF, PS, TXT, CSV, SVG and XLS.


You can purchase a Single Server License for I-net Crystal Clear for $1690.

You can download it at http://www.inetsoftware.de/ .


I-net Crystal Clear is packed with features and provides a selection of ad-hoc reporting options and a wide range of export possibilities. As this is a cross platform application, it is an excellent investment as it can be applied to a range of operating systems.

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