Infor PM Financial Reporting and Analysis

Infor PM Financial Reporting and Analysis is just one of many products produced by Infor. This business intelligence software is specifically aimed at the financial industry, and has a number of features dedicated to this area.


  • Comprehensive - Infor PM allows for the creation of comprehensive and detailed reports and dashboards.
  • Access – Data from various sources can be accessed quickly and easily, in a coherent format.
  • Analysis – Financial data can be analysed across numerous heirarchies, dimensions and currencies, allowing users to keep track of developments throughout the organisation.
  • Security – Financial data that is processed by Infor PM can be security locked to prevent unauthorised access.


Further information about Infor PM, including pricing details, can be obtained by filling out a query form on the Infor PM website.


Infor PM offers a reporting solution that is aimed directly at financial organisations and companies.

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