iQ4bis – Next Generation Reporting and Analytics Software

iQ4bis are producers of business intelligence software that is used by a number of large and high profile companies. Their Reporting and Analytics Suite is composed of three applications – Analysis, DataServer and ReportPublisher.


  • Input – Data can be inputted from the vast majority of data source formats that are currently available.
  • ReportPublisher – Reports can be rapidly created using the ReportPublisher.
  • Templates – A number of templates are provided to help users put together reports in a small amount of time.
  • Browser-based – The ReportPublisher and Analysis function through Internet Explorer as browser-based applications, which require no downloads.
  • Microsoft Analysis Services – iQ4bis have designed their product to operate in conjunction with Microsoft Analysis Services and other Microsoft products, improving their efficacy and efficiency.


A free trial offer of iQ4bis’ Reporting and Analytics suite is available from their site. Purchasing information can also be obtained by contacting the developers at this address.


The advantage of iQ4bis’ software is that it divides its suite into three separate applications. This allows users to see which aspects of the suite they require, which allows for greater flexibility and customisation.

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