itransition – Software Development Company

itransition is a software development company that offers customised BI solutions. As with all reporting tools, they aim to create products that will seamlessly integrate with existing data sources and information technology.


  • Analysis and Reporting – Online Analytical Processing systems (OLAP) to filter and sort data. These tools will also analyse the results according to certain presets and present them in a detailed report.
  • Real Time – itransition software can create reports and conduct analysis in real time.
  • Forecasting – itransition will create custom BI solutions that forecast future results based on current trends.
  • Simulations – It is possible to use itransition software to accurately simulate certain scenarios, to see how they will affect certain preset KPIs.
  • Visualisations – A wide range of charts, dashboards, scorecards and diagrams are incorporated into itransition products.


As each BI product created by itransition is custom made, prices can vary. Further information can be found at


For those who prefer the personal touch, itransition may be the solution they need. Work closely with the developers of your own BI software, to ensure that it is right for you.

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