JasperSoft: The Most Widely Used Open Source Business Intelligence Software

JasperReports is part of the JasperSoft open source business intelligence suite. JasperReports offers a range of reporting and charting features.

BI Dashboard


  • Adhoc Reporting – With JasperReports you can generate ad hoc reports and queries.
  • Drag and Drop – Reports can be put together quickly using drag and drop features, with no need for programming knowledge.
  • Data sources – Data can be imported from most file formats, including Excel, XML, relational, Hibernate and EJB
  • Automatic Reporting – JasperReports can be programmed to generate and distribute reports at given intervals.
  • Dashboard Designer – JasperReports comes with a dashboard designer, which also uses drag and drop features.


Pricing information for JasperSoft business suite is not available on the company’s website. However you can download a free 30 day trial.

You can access JasperSoft at http://www.jaspersoft.com/ .


JasperSoft is a detailed reporting software suite, which is especially suited to large businesses. However the lack of clear pricing can be an issue with potential buyers.

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