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JReport is an embedded reporting tool that reports from within another application. It is also a 100% web reporting tool. It is available in a variety of packages, including the JReport Suite, which collects the main versions of JReport into one bundle.


  • Java - This application is completely Java-based, and can be used online or as a desktop program.
  • Operating Systems - JReport is compatible with Windows 2000, 2003, Vista and Windows 7. It also functions on Unix, Solaris, HP-UX and AIX.
  • BI solutions - fast and simple reporting with agile Business Intelligence.
  • Output – You can create scorecards and dashboards to display your key features. There is also a large variety in the output options. For example you can export your graphs etc. in PDF, Excel, HTML , CSV and RTF formats.
  • Ad-hoc Reporting – An Ah-hoc wizard is included in JReport, which creates reports under a variety of different templates.
  • Security – JReport includes multi-level bursting and page level security, and secures all report data, file permissions and disk resources.


There is no pricing information available on the company’s website, you are simply instructed to contact sales. The site address is: http://www.jinfonet.com/ .


It can be confusing trying to decide which JReport product is right for you, as there is a number of different packages and options available. It is advisable to thoroughly research the different options, or to contact the developers themselves if you are unsure as to precisely what you need.

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