Logi Ad Hoc – The Smart Choice for Business Intelligence

Logi Ad Hoc is one of a group of business intelligence solutions offered by LogiXML. It is described as ‘self service’, and is designed so that non-technical users can quickly and easily create reports without having to consult an IT technician.

Ad Hoc Technology Overview


  • Multi Platform - Logi Ad Hoc works with any database platforms that comply with SQL, in either .NET or Java languages.
  • High Standard Reporting – Reports can be generated with a variety of features including on-the-fly analysis, drill down groupings and mathematical calculations, all without the need for programming.
  • Easy to Learn/Use – Logi Ad Hoc is simple and straightforward to learn and to operate. There are very little costs to business in terms of training or time lost due to unfamiliarity with the application.
  • Quick Setup – Logi Ad Hoc can integrate with databases and create reports almost instantly. Very little calibration and setup is required.


You can download a free trial of Logi Ad Hoc at http://www.logixml.be/products/adhoc.html.

No pricing information is available on the site.


Logi Ad Hoc is designed to be simple and easy to use. However Logi Info is a similar tool that is offered by the same company, which requires more detailed setup, but which also provides more detailed results.

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