Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Reporting

Microsoft BI offers a range of business intelligence products, all packaged under the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 label.


  • Enterprise Reporting – A complete server-based reporting solution offering end-user reports that are interactive, reports that can be embedded, managed reports and subscription and filtering options.
  • Ad Hoc Reporting - Produce one-off reports or make small adjustments to existing report templates. There is a dedicated Report Builder included in the SQL Server package that allows users to easily create ad hoc reports, even if they do not have extensive IT knowledge.
  • Management Reporting – This aspect of the Microsoft SQL Server 2008 package allows for the generation of highly complex managed reports.
  • Visually Rich Reports – All of the reports generated using this software feature rich graphics with a number of charting options.


A Standard Microsoft SQL Server 2008 Licence is available at a price of $7,171 per processor. However there are a number of pricing options and packages to choose from. Further information can be found here.


While Microsoft products often obtain mixed reviews, the range of options offered by the SQL Server are extensive. The licences do not come cheap, but this is a reliable business intelligence solution.

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