nTier – Comprehensive Information Management Software

nTier is both a downloadable and web-based reporting solution. Clients may choose to have nTier installed on their own website or hosted by nTier themselves. It may also be installed onto a broad range of independent software and hardware configurations.


  • Browser Interface – nTier is web-based and operates through your browser window.
  • Customisable – nTier is completely customisable, being 100% configurable.
  • Export – Reports can be viewed and exported as HTML, PDF or Excel files.
  • Security Filtering – Data can be filtered by user, ensuring that employees have access to relevant information only.
  • Import – Access to data bases can be easily configured.
  • Automatic Updates – Users will be notified instantly when data is updated.


A free trial account can be setup using this form, and does not require any software installation. Purchasing information can be obtained here.


This is an excellent reporting tool that is highly versatile and offers a huge range of options. A number of price ranges and packages are also available.

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