Prism from SiSense

Prism is a web-based application that also has a desktop-based aspect in that it requires an initial software download. It allows users to analyse large amount of data and organise it into reports and dashboards.


  • Easy presentation – Users utilise drag and drop tools to create presentations quickly and easily.
  • Detailed reports – Reports and dashboards will incorporate drill down features, which can be activated using a mouse.
  • Interactive reports – Prism can create interactive reports with rich visualization.
  • Fast data processing – Large amounts of data can be processed quickly, using an average PC.
  • No programming – All reports are generated using a simple interface, and no programming knowledge or skills are required.


You can obtain a Personal Subscription to Prism for $50 per month. This provides one designer licence, an unlimited number of data sources, a limit of 10 million total records, Visual work flow query builder, access to Prism user forums and the option to export files as either PDF or Excel.


Prism is a fast and easy way to create reports which is aimed at business people who may not have a large amount of coding or programming knowledge. It is comprehensive and easy to use.

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