QuSheet: Dynamic Documents Reporting Software

QuSheet is a desktop-based reporting application that creates ad hoc reports from databases, word processors and spreadsheets.


  • HTML – Reports are presented in HTML format to be viewed in a browser window.
  • Drill down – Data points can be layered into clauses and sub-clauses, for a maximum of twenty layers.
  • Calculation – QuSheet contains a calculation operation that will automatically calculate any totals, subtotals etc. The details of the calculation can be seen as a sub-clause.
  • Output – Outputs can be edited to provide different users with different data from the same report.
  • Export – Export files as HTML or CSS. Reports can also be printed and emailed.


You can buy a single Qusheet licence key for $90, and additional licences are available for a reduced price.

Further details are available at http://www.qusheet.com/ .


This product was originally Shareware, but now a license must be purchased. Although the reports are not the most modern looking in appearance, the drill down feature is highly detailed.

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