ReportMill – The Best Java Reporting Software and Tools

ReportMill is a Java-based reporting application that is also desktop-based. It generates reports and web pages while running as Java code within another application.


  • Embedded Reporting – ReportMill can be embedded into another application and then collect data from any form of Java datasets.
  • Design Application – Reports can be designed according to preference using an intuitive and comprehensive report designer.
  • Export – Reports can be generated in a range of formats, such as PDF, PostScript, Excel, HTML, Flash etc.
  • XML Templates – Templates can be created and saved in ReportMill and data can be added by dragging and dropping XML files.


ReportMill can be downloaded for free, while a RMStudio Designer Licence can be purchased for $295 per developer, while a ReportMill Server Licence is priced at $4995. Further information is available here.


ReportMill itself can be downloaded for free, but those interested in using it for a larger business may need to invest in a server license. This is a prestigious application, in that it’s clients include Merrill Lynch and NASA.

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