rTools Reporting Software: Excel Based Solutions

rTools reporting software is a desktop based business intelligence software solution. Built entirely in Excel, it is aimed mainly at accountants but can be adapted to any business intelligence needs.

rTools Sample Report


  • Drag and drop – You can edit your report by dragging and dropping various elements onto the dashboard.
  • Drill down – If you want further information on a particular data point, you can ‘drill down’ to its source.
  • Adjustable time period – You can choose the length of time over which the report should include data. This can be anything from a day to a fiscal year or more.
  • Excel based – rTools Reporting Software has been created and functions completely in Microsoft Excel.
  • Varied Reports – rTools can generate ad-hoc, real time and OLAP reports.
  • Intelligent – rTools remembers previous preferences etc. and adjusts future reports accordingly. It is also programmed with an intelligent data mining feature.


You can download a free trial version of rTools Reporting Software that will last for 30 days. To purchase this software you must contact the developers to secure a quote.



rTools reporting software is a solid and engaging product. It is not difficult to learn how to create reports with it, and it can be instantly applied to any existing Excel data.

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