SoftArtisans OfficeWriter

OfficeWriter is a desktop-based application that is designed to utilise advanced Microsoft Office features, such as charts, VBAs etc. It has a dedicated Reporting Services element.


  • SQL Server Reporting – OfficeWriter works from Microsoft Office to design and deliver SQL Server Reporting Services reports.
  • ASP.NET – Real Excel and Word reports can be created from an ASP.NET application, without any usage of Microsoft Office.
  • Report Designer – A dedicated Report Designer allows for the fast and easy creation of reports.
  • SharePoint - OfficeWriter can also be integrated with SharePoint to create Excel and Word based reports using the data stored on this server.


You can obtain a Full Evaluation trial license from SoftArtisans through their Test Drive program. Further information is available here.


OfficeWriter has the advanted of using established Office applications, which means that training time is greatly reduced. Most people are comfortable with these interfaces at this stage which will allow reports to be created very quickly.

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