SQL Power Wabit – BI Reporting and Analysis Tool

SQL Power Wabit is a desktop-based reporting application that is available on a subscription basis. A yearly subscription includes a license and a year’s worth of product support.


  • Custom Dashboards – Dashboards can be created easily and efficiently using SQL Power Wabit.
  • Easy to Use – It is not necessary to have any SQL knowledge to use SQL Power Wabit.
  • Ad Hoc – Reports can be generated using ad hoc queries.
  • Real Time – SQL Power Wabit allows real time business intelligence reporting.
  • Open Source – SQL Power Wabit is an open source application.


An annual subscription to SQL Power Wabit for 10 users costs $1,800. Further information can be found here.


Many businesses may prefer the subscription-based aspect of SQL Power Wabit, since they can avail of contiuous production support and access to a wider community or users.

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