SYSPRO Report Writer – Enterprise Software for Manufacturers & Distributors

SYSPRO is a desktop based business intelligence solution that supports the Microsoft SQL server and is compatible with Windows, LINUX, Novell and UNIX. The SYSPRO system allows users to store their data on the SYSPRO database, which is then accessed by the Report Writer.


  • Customisable - Almost all aspects of the reporting software is user-defined, allowing clients to create reports that are specific to their needs.
  • Report Wizard – A report wizard is included, which allows users to quickly put together and ad hoc report without expending a large amount of time on layout and other details.
  • Export – Reports can be exported to hardcopy, ASCII files, XML documents, and can be previewed on screen or as emails. Data can also be exported to third party software.
  • Real-time – Real-time reporting can be activated, allowing users to have constant up-to-date reports.


This product is in the $50,000+ price range, but the developers must be contacted in order to request a free demo and a price quote. Further information can be found here.


This is an expensive piece of software that offers to supply applications to manage every aspect of a large business. Boasting over 14,000 installs, this is a product that has been selected by a large number of organisations.

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