Target BI Suite from Target Business Intelligence

Target BI Suite is a desktop-based reporting solution that has been developed by Target BI.


  • Rapid Report Generation – Target BI Suite has been designed to allow users to create reports as quickly and as efficiently as possible, using only a few clicks.
  • Export – Reports can be distributed to users throughout a company or organization, using email, external portals or the company’s intranet.
  • Easy-To-Learn - Target BI Suite is an extremely easy application to set up and to use. Employees with any level of IT knowledge can quickly learn how to create reports using this software, minimizing training time.
  • Drill Down – All reports include drill down elements where required.
  • Input – Data can be inputted to the Target BI Suite using all of the standard data sources.


Pricing information can be provided by the developers. Contact information and query forms can be found here. A free trial can be downloaded here.


This is a professional reporting application that comes with a number of additional business intelligence features.

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