Telerik Reporting – The easiest way to create and style interactive .NET reports

Telerik Reporting is a desktop-based application that is designed for a Windows operating system. It is described by its developers as ‘lightweight’, meaning that it will not overly stress your system, and can function with a range of Microsoft Windows applications.


  • Lightweight desktop-based reporting
  • Export – Reports can be exported as PDFs, Excel files, RTF etc.
  • Silverlight - Telerik Reporting is compatible with Windows Silverlight.
  • Report Creation – Visual Studio report designer allows for quick and easy design. There is also a Report Wizard.
  • Format – There is a range of formatting options, especially as the reports can be formatted through HTML.
  • Import – Data can be imported from most sources. Data source paramaters can be set to limit the data that is imported by Telerik to information that is only relevant to the report itself.


You can purchase Telerik Ultimate Collection for .NET at a one-off price of $1,999. The Premium Collection is available for $1,299. Further information is available here.


This is a highly professional application that has a seemingly endless list of applications. It is fully integrated into Microsoft Visual Studio and is suitable for large organisations and businesses.

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