Viewbi – Simple Business Dashboards & Reporting

Viewbi is both a web-based and desktop-based reporting solution. It builds intuitive and attractive reports incorporating data from a variety of file formats.



  • Import – Data can be imported into Viewbi from multiple data sources. It makes use of specialised data connectors in order to transfer the data.
  • Connector Interface – The connector interface allows users to easily write their own data connectors if the link to the existing data source does not already exist.
  • Desktop Interface – Viewbi is designed to allow its reports to display directly onto the user’s desktop. They will refresh automatically.
  • Realtime Updates – Viewbi updates in realtime, whether online or on the desktop.


There are a number of Viewbi versions that are available. You can get a hosted version, which is completely web-based, or the Viewbi Enterprise edition, which is the same product hosted on your company’s own servers. Futher packages are also available and additional information is available here.


Viewbi generates reports in high definition and provides a range of services. It is mainly suited to larger companies however.

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