WebFOCUS: Enterprise Reporting Solutions from Information Builders

WebFOCUS is a web-based business intelligence software application that provides high standards of ad-hoc reporting as well as a wealth of additional features.


  • Ad-hoc Reporting – Intuitive, advanced ad-hoc reporting that is quick and simple to use.
  • Import – Import data from a variety of sources including Oracle Essbase, SAP Business Information Warehouse and Microsoft SQL.
  • Export – Export data in various formats including Excel, HTML, PDF, Powerpoint and WebFOCUS Active Reports.
  • No Installation – This is a rich internet based application, which means that there is no need to install software to use it. This cuts down significantly on IT costs within a company.
  • Dashboards – Generate reports in dashboard formats, along with scorecards and mashups.


There is no pricing information available on the WebFOCUS site, instead potential buyers must consult an Information Builders service representative directly.


This is a highly professional application that is designed for high level business intelligence requirements. Although it is web-based, it generates desktop-like reports.

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