Xtraction from Hagrid Solutions

Xtraction is a web-based reporting tool that is designed for the rapid and efficient creation of dashboards. As it is an online application, the only requirement for the user is that Adobe Flash be enabled on their machine.


  • Drag and Drop – Create a dashboard using drag and drop features.
  • Sharing – Reports can be shared with other users, and levels of access can be specified.
  • Drill Down and Filtering – Drill down features are available and reports can be filtered to provide specific fields of data.
  • Real Time Ad hoc Reporting – Your reports will be updated in real time and can be refreshed during use. You can also access past data.
  • Export – Reports can be exported in a variety of formats, including HTML, PDF and PNG.
  • Report Scheduling – You can schedule reports which will be created and distributed at specific times.


It is necessary to contact the customer services team at Hagrid Solutions in order to obtain pricing information for Xtraction. Contact details can be found here.


Xtraction is a very professional and easy-to-use application. Dashboards and reports can be created in minutes and real time data is always available to multiple users.

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