XtraReports from Devexpress: Reporting Tool For .NET

XtraReports has been developed by Devexpress as a desktop-based reporting tool which is versatile and compatible with a variety of programs.

Developer Express Report Designer fully integrates into the Microsoft Visual Studio IDE


  • Export – Reports can be exported to RTF, PDF, TXT, XLS, CSV and HTML, along with other graphic files.
  • ASP.NET – ASP.NET Reports with XtraReports now feature complete AJAX Callback support, Report Caching and customisable Report Bars.
  • Report Wizard – The Report Wizard is integrated into Visual Studio 2005, with a similar interface. Special elements have been added however, such as a toolbar and status panel.
  • Import – Data can be imported from any format which is supported by Visual Studio 2005. It can also incorporate data from XML and IList or IListSource sources.


XtraReports is available for $349.99 without the full source code, or $499.99 with full source code. If you have an older version than 2010.1.7 and wish to upgrade, you can do so for $139.99 without full source code and 199.99 with full source code.

XtraReports is available here.


There is a huge range of features with the very professional product. Feature details are given in relation to a selection of common reporting applications, such as WPF Reports and WinForms Reports. If you want to get a thorough overview of this product and its capabilities, it is best to consult the company website.

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